A Wyrmhole is a dangerous astrological phenomenon in which an inter-dimensional portal, full of Wyrms, suddenly appears. The only one to ever enter a Wyrmhole and come out of the other side alive is Nicolas Cage and part of the crew aboard the U.S.S. Navi-Gator.


The first Wyrmhole was discovered during the Qunic Wars. at The Battle of Jilp. A Wyrmhole suddenly appeared sucking all ships from both sides into it, all the ships and their crew were lost, thus ending the battle. Knowledge of what the strange event actually was had yet to be obtained, several reports followed the events of the battle. Entire ships were suddenly disappearing without a trace; leaving little to no witnesses as to what actually happened.

Captain Nicolas Cage was sent out to explore the Outer Reaches with a temporary vessel, the U.S.S. Navi-Gator. He had a crew of over 570 men and women across multiple species. The ship was to leave at about 2:00pm Lambardian Time, but its takeoff was delayed due to Nicolas Cage having to use the bathroom before leaving. The course was set to Outer Reaches, beyond the Unknown Planet, but, halfway there, a mysterious portal opened in front of them. Their communications were distorted and quickly cut due to a strange interference, and they lost all control of the ship as it spiraled into the portal.

Nicolas Cage then witnessed numerous, strange lifeforms attacking the ship. They came and bit off the wings of his disabled ship and began to bite at the hull. The ship began losing cabin pressure and most of the crew not located in the bridge of the ship died. Nicolas Cage and his top scientist on the expedition, Dr. Dogwood, were able to get a good look at the strange creatures emerging from seemingly nowhere. These creatures were described as serpent-like creatures that looked similar to the mythical dragons of Earth. They had slim bodies, sharp claws and fangs, six wings, and an elongated snout with multiple eyes. These creatures have become known as Wyrms.

Nicolas and half of his ship miraculously made it out of the Wyrmhole alive, where they continued to crash land onto Lambardia. How they returned to their original port still remains a mystery, even to the crew, but Dr. Dogwood theorizes that the Wyrmhole caused temporal-dimensional rift in space which resulted in the U.S.S. Navi-Gator returning to its home.

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