The Little Panda Fighter is a film made in its entirety by Larry Leichliter. He directed, animated, and voiced every single aspect of this movie. It has become the best selling and most popular animated movie of all time against all odds.


Larry Leichliter got the idea to try to make a movie single-handedly. Larry thought that "it would be a fun experiment," but many people disagreed. When he pitched the idea to investors, they were extremely skeptical and refused to support his fledgling idea. Larry then took to the website, Indiegogo, to raise $1,000 in a crowd-funding campaign. The campaign was successful and work on the project commenced. However, the project took 5 years to complete due to Larry working on other projects during its production period. Larry often refers to the production period of the Little Panda Fighter as the most stressful time of his life.


The movie is so good that we won't give you any spoilers.


The Little Panda Fighter finally was released to rave reviews. It has won several Oscars for Best Animated Film and has been critically praised throughout the known universe. It has become a household staple for any parents with young (and even old) children. It has grossed over $5,000,000,000,000, and its profits still continue to sky rocket. However, a terrible rip-off has been trying to cash in on its success.

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