The Animated adventures of John Cena is an animated mystery, action-comedy created by Larry Leichliter The series ran for 8 seasons and has countless straight-to-DVD releases. The series has become a cult classic.


Larry Leichliter got inspiration for the series while he dropped a flashlight, and it rolled under a couch. Larry wished he had a professional wrestler that can flip the couch and find his flashlight. Larry then looked up to see John Cena winning the JKEWL Super Slam on his TV. He then approached John Cena and asked him for permission to make the series, John Cena agreed and proceeded to voice himself in the series. Larry says that the flashlight still remains under the couch to this day.


The Animated Adventures of John Cena revolves around the protagonist John Cena. each episode he is called in by a client who requires his assistance in solving a certain mystery. john typically calls in a guest star as an assistant, and then leaves in his Slam Van to go solve the mystery of the episode. A culprit is usually behind whatever problem is at hand and is uncovered by John Cena and his friend. Each episode ends with John Cena telling the culprit a positive moral, which yields various results.

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