Swodniw is a remote planet located in the outer reaches of the Outer Reaches. It is known for its strange abundance of technology. Although colonized, most of its settlements are small, remote, rural villages that thrive off of computer farming.


The Planet was discovered by Robin Gibb and his crew on an expedition to explore the Outer Reaches. Robin took note that the predominate, local flora were computers. He claimed the planet under JKEnterprises and it has since been home to computer farming ever since.


Swodniw's climate is temperate, with about 100,000 feet of rain fall each year. The planet's surface is covered primarily by sprawling, densely wooded mountains, and deep valleys. The landscape is also home to deep, computer swamps with numerous rivers, creeks, and deltas contributing to the planet's moist climate. The planet is not known to have much difference in seasonal changes either, so the ground stays muddy and wet almost all year. The consistency in climate makes the planet's computer farming business a consistent and reliable export.


Most of the fauna is, oddly enough, invisible, but friendly. Many of the planet's visitors will say that Swodniw Steak is the most delicious meal they have ever had.


Computers are the main type of plant that grow on this planet. Numerous different models, makes, and builds grow on this planet. Computer bushes, trees, and shrubs make up the planet's dense forests that cover the planet. However, there are a few exceptions as Birch trees have been introduced to the planet.


2016-10-03 00.21.39

Mrburningpsycho hiding on the planet's surface.

There are no native peoples to the planet, but JKEnterprises Citizens have colonized the planet for its farming industry. It is also the refuge of Mrburningpsycho, who is hiding from Melvin.

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