General[edit | edit source]

Steveninja54 is the last remaining member of the 54th Order of the Rainbow Ninja, and the sole survivor of the final battle between Daveninja1 and Ben Rock II. He is now currently the CEO of Bedrock Ind., a technology development and mining company.

Description[edit | edit source]

"Rule number 129 of the Code of the Rainbow Ninja: Never show your mug to anyone" is what steveninja54 will quote when asked to remove his mask. No currently living individual knows his physical features or species, despite many efforts to summon his fallen colleagues back from the dead in order to divulge his secrets, but he insists that he is a "human, but a weird one."

However, he is never seen without his odd spacesuit. It is lined with neon lights of all colors of the light spectrum spectrum with giant apertures on all four sides of his head, as well as ones on his chest and upper back..

Biography[edit | edit source]

Steveninja54 grew up on Niji, where he became friends with Daveninja1. The rather large clique of ninjas decided to form the 54th Order of the Rainbow Ninja. Steveninja54 inherited the last number of the group, perhaps as an omen, but steve stated in his autobiography that he was distracted by a bird attacking his face while the group was doing a nose-goes. He also stated in this autobiography that he was against the decision to sell the Order out to Bedrock Ind., who offered protection for their home planet from Q Inc. The company desired to use the 54th Order of the Rainbow Ninja as hit-men, but still made a deal with Q Inc. to invade Niji. Steve became a suspect in the historical assassination of Ben Rock I because of his resentment towards the deal, and has become criticized by some historians as sparking the Ninja Wars.

Regardless, steveninja54 was the one who rose out of the rubble of the Ninja Wars. He inherited the company, Bedrock Ind., and decided to cut all under-the-table ties with Q Inc. Steve instead decided to become a subsidiary for JKEnterprises, and is now the CEO of Bedrock Industries.

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