Star Shrek: Into Ogre is an animated, sci-fi, action show that is currently running on JKEnterprises TV. The series was created by the famous, Larry Leichliter. But, recently, control of the show was given to M. Night Shyamalan, so that Leichliter can pursue other projects. The series follows the fictional Space Pioneer, Captain Shrek, and the crew of the U.S.S. Monopoly.


Larry Leichliter got inspiration for the series from his interest in space exploration. He also wanted to create "a series that feels like it can happen in the real world, y'know? The real deal." Larry eventually quit work on the project and gave full authority over to his co-director, M. Night Shyamalan.


Shrek is a happy Ogre, he is a captain of a small battleship in the JKEnterprises Navy, but that all changes when he is promoted to a Space Pioneer. He is given command of the U.S.S. Monopoly as its new captain (the old one quit because of lack of maternity benefits). Shrek must leave behind his old beloved crew and learn to get along with his new crew of recently-graduated n00bs, Shrek grows more attached to his new crew as the series progresses, and he even gains a love interest, Uncle Pennybags.

The poster for the cancelled movie

For the entirety of the series, the U.S.S. Monopoly is being chased down by the evil warlord, Crawl. Crawl wants to capture the vessel in hopes of being able to hold it for ransom with JKEnterprises and acquire the Big-Cash-Money-Wad. Shrek and his crew most put up with this eminent threat while exploring unfamiliar and hostile territory, as well as learn how to rely on each other as a team.


A a full-length motion picture was planned for release, but the project was scrapped after the series abruptly ended on a cliffhanger. This displeased many fans of the show, and many leaked scenes have surfaced on the internet. Fans have petitioned for the series's return, but Larry Leichliter, the shows creator, is disinterested in rebooting the franchise.

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