Space Jam is the best selling Romantic Comedy of all time. It has won every Oscar ever and has a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. Since then, it has become a cultural phenomenon and has become the highest grossing movie of all time. It is directed by Larry Leichliter and stars the multi-millionaires Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny.

Plot Summary

One day Bugs Bunny is feeling lonely because no one will have a slam jam with him. He leaves his home world in search of someone who is a good baller. He then finds a bounty hunter: Michael Jordan. Bugs challenges him to a slam jam, and he looses. Bugs, humbled by being defeated 0-420 by Michael, asks Michael to train him. Michael accepts Bugs' plea.

Michael Jordan enters Bugs into the Annual Space Jam and begins training Bugs to his fullest potential. But, over the course of his training, Bugs realizes that he feels more than admiration towards Michael. Bugs also doesn't know that the reason Michael started training him was because Michael loved him. They both are too shy to admit each others love to each other until Bugs looses the Space Jam tournament. After a long pep-talk, Michael confesses his love for Bugs, and Bugs reveals his feelings as well. They walk off into the sunset and the curtain falls.


Space Jam has won every Oscar in every category ever and has a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. It has become a cultural phenomenon, and everyone who has not seen this movie are completely shunned by society. The movie is the highest-grossing movie of all-time; grossing over $500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

Its soundtrack was released also to rave reviews. The movie's theme song, 'Slam Jam,' was number one on the JKEnterprises Best Music Chart for 7 years running. Even today, its hard to drop by a restaurant without hearing this tune play at least twice.

Reviewer Score
Rotten Tomatoes 100%
IGN 9.6/10
Catz Radio Two Paws-Up
Nintendo e-Shop 5 stars
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