Smiles-for-All is a non-profit, intergalactic civil rights extremist group. Their extremely violent and over-the-top protests and demonstrations have led them to be classified as militant terrorists.


Matt Damon formed the group after the death of 101 Dalmatian Men during the discovery of Lobosa. Damon accused JKEnterprises of intentionally sending a crew made up almost entirely non-humans to a potentially dangerous uncharted planet. He claimed that JKEnterprises is corrupted with racism and discrimination, but the general public refutes this as Dalmatian Men are fairly commonplace in the JKEnterprises government.

Damon was enraged and formed the group with two other founding members, Jaden Smith and Kevin Bacon. They gathered a militia and destroyed a rest stop on Mirth. The criminal act forced the group to retreat into Deserted Space and pull their operations underground. They have been responsible for numerous attacks on civilian locations ever since.

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