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Shrek is a fictional character designed by Hideo Kojima and Larry Leichliter for the anime, Bee Shrek Test in the House. Hideo gave Larry the full rights to use the character freely; this has allowed Larry to implement Shrek into other franchises. Shrek has been voted as one of the most popular anime characters by the Kawaii Union.

Creation Edit

Hideo Kojima and Larry Leichliter got inspiration for Shrek from a friend that was an Ogre from Memeous-Alpha. They decided to make a Scottish Ogre that would help add some well needed cynicism to the original Bee Shrek Test in the House franchise. He was to play the role of the older, care-taker.

BSTH-Universe Edit

Shrek's appearance in the BSTH franchise shows that he is from a distant land of magic, which has an unspecified name. He was raised by Scottish Donkeys, he then meets Cory Baxter and then falls in love with him. Cory is unaware of Shrek's inner feelings as he invites him (along with Barry B. Benson and Johnny Test) to stay in the White House with him.

Star Shrek-Universe Edit

In the Star Shrek franchise's alternate universe, Shrek hails from Memeous-Alpha and is a high-ranking official in the JKEnterprises Navy. He gets promoted to Space Pioneer and is given his own vessel, the U.S.S. Monopoly. He then must trek his way through an unknown region of space with his new crew. His personality traits remain generally the same as in the Bee Shrek Test in the House franchise, except his love interest has been changed to Uncle Pennybags.

Appearances Edit

  • The Adventures of Codename: the Sweet Life of Bee Shrek Test in the House, Montanna, and Ferb: Road Chip is Magic II -Revelator- HDTale
  • Bee Shrek Test in the House
  • Bee Shrek Test in the House Kart
  • Bee Shrek Test in the House: The Animated Mini-Series
  • Star Shrek: Battlefront
  • Star Shrek: Battlefront 2
  • Star Shrek: Battlefront 3
  • Star Shrek: Into Ogre
  • Star Shrek: The Official Comic
  • Star Shrek: The Video Game
  • Shrek Super Slam
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