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Sheen Estevez is the ruthless dictator of Planet Sheen. He enslaved the entire Zeenuian race and is legally banned in the JKEnterprises and Q Inc. territories.

Biography Edit

Sheen was involved in an accident on his home planet; he was launched into space as a result. He then landed on a previously undiscovered planet. He named the planet after himself, but then discovered a pre-existing sentient species. He then proceeded to play dumb, in order to not raise suspicions among the local people. But, when the time was right, he staged a military coupe. He poisoned the planets' king and then secured the throne. He then did away with the planet's monarchy government system and set himself as dictator.

Upon hearing this news, JKEnterprises publicly denounced the actions of Sheen, and they cut off their trade relations with the planet. Sheen was enraged and tried to ally himself with Q Inc.'s owner, but Quin was unwilling. Sheen then turned to NAP Inc., where nippyn offered protection from civil rights groups as long as the planet remained a top producer for the company. Sheen happily complied with nippyn's business proposal, and enslaved the entire Zeenuian race to work in weapon factories.

Sheen has become a feared name throughout the galaxy, and, since the alliance between Planet Sheen and NAP Inc., Sheen has had his JKEnterprises Citizenship revoked. JKEnterprises legally declared Sheen and any likeness of him banned from their territories, and Q Inc. has acted almost identically. Sheen is looked upon as the epitome of oppression and depravity. He is the primary target of the Underground Civil Rights Extremist Group, Smiles-for-All.

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