Robin Gibb was one of the first Space Pioneers to ever be established. He is credited with discovering and charting Dalmatia, among other planets.


Robin Gibb was a human that always dreamed of exploring space and writing music. He was given the nickname "the Groove Pioneer." He released several albums and singles with his musical group that reached the top in the music charts. His music career was not making him a sustainable income however, and he eventually gave up his music career to become a well-payed Space Pioneer for JKEnterprises. He still carried his acoustic guitar wherever he went, and his space cruiser, S. S. Stayin' Alive. His crew consisted of his former band members and they formed a Space Pioneering faction known as the Bee Gees that still stands to this day.

Robin had a fairly successful career. His biggest claim to fame was the discovery of Dalmatia, home of the Dalmatian Men. He was also credited with discovering the marsh planet, Dennismoor. He almost lost his life on Dennismoor and decided that he was becoming to old for the job. He retired to again pursue his career in music, and has now become insanely popular. However, after a long, successful career of music and space pioneering, Robin Gibbs sadly died of a heart attack. His music still impacts pop-culture to this day with its powerful and inspiring themes.

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