Pumpkinia is a planet located in Sector K. The planet's richest resource are pumpkins and pulp. It is the home world of the Pumpkin Peeps.


The planet was discovered by the first female Space Pioneer, Sasha Obama. She discovered the planet after getting a distress signal in the shape of a jack-o-lantern. She stopped on the planet where the locale people prepared a feast for the her crew as a sign of peace. The Pumpkin Peeps immediately offered diplomatic trade-relations with JKEnterprises. Pumpkinia has since then been incorporated into Sector K and has become a top producer of pumpkins across the known universe.


There are only pumpkins.


All of the animals are made of pumpkins.


The local sentient lifeforms are the aforementioned Pumpkin Peeps. They are very friendly and will offer any new visitors a pumpkin feast. Don't judge the Pumpkin Peeps as cannibals, all they have to eat is pumpkin.


Pumpkin farming and mining make up a large portion of the pumpkin crop that the planet produces. Everything on the planet is either made of pumpkin, pumpkin pulp, or pumpkin juice so, naturally, the planets richest and most plentiful export is pumpkin. Pumpkin related foods also are commonly exported from this planet.

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