Planet Sheen is a planet located within NAP Inc. territory.


Planet Sheen was named after its discoverer, Sheen Estevez. Sheen discovered the planet after accidentally launching himself into space from his home planet. He has since then conquered it through military force, enslaved the locals underneath his ruthless dictatorship, and allied himself with NAP Incorporated due to its lack of civil rights codes.


The landscape was similar to Earth's, but has been devastated by war.


The plants are of odd shapes and sizes and have visually disturbing coloration.


Most fauna here are local sentient lifeforms.


The native people of Planet Sheen are now in enslavement under Sheen's dictatorship. The natives come in a variety of colors and have eyes that seem to bulge out of their head. Their appearance can come across as rather frightening to those who are not used to their unpleasant look. Most of the population are currently constructing Sheen City, a monolith in the shape of the warlord's head.

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