Planet 250 is a planet in JKEnterprises Space. It earned its name after its discoverer won the lottery with ticket number 250 while on the planet's surface.


The planet's surface is covered in neon green, bioluminescent, plant-like algae. The algae can cause yeast infections and athletes foot if a human is given prolonged exposure. Most of the planet's ports and cities are located on mountain tops. The water, surprisingly enough, is drinkable and very nutritious.


There are trees... like most planets.... duh.


The species here are gelatinous, with gummy bears being on the top of the food chain. The strange germs that live on the planet's surface help decompose any dead animals very rapidly. These algae can survive at only 1500.75 millibars of atmospheric pressure, and this restricts the creatures to the significantly lower planetary surface.


The native sentient lifeforms of this planet are gelatinous creatures known as Gak.

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