Paul Blart is the leader of the Intergalactical Space Police.


Paul Blart was a member of the elite police force: the Mall Cops, that single-handedly saved his mall from a band of marauders. He was then approached by President Barack Obama 5 years later to become the leader of Intergalactical Space Police. Reluctantly leaving his mall behind, he knew that, by protecting the planet, he would still be protecting his mall. Paul headed up the force and has been its leader ever since.

Paul Blart (along with the ISP) survived the destruction of earth. He was heading up the Battle of Mars during Solar War IV when the planet exploded. He valiantly routed his enemy and led his remaining troops away from the Solar System and spent 40 years wondering in the Deserted Space. He eventually found his way to JKEnterprises Space and has since then resumed Intergalactical Police duties. He and the ISP help enforce peace, justice, (and rules) throughout the known JKEnterprises Space.

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