Nintendo is the largest game development company in the known universe. Nintendo is credited with re-introducing the insanely popular Gamecube to the galaxy. They have also ventured into developing weaponry, but with underwhelming results.


Nintendo can be traced back to Earth, they fled the planet before it was destroyed in hopes of finding a new market. They eventually discovered, and set their head quarters on, the planet: Ninstar. After Shigeru Miyamoto died of old age, Reggie Fils-Aime is now the current president of the company.


The Nintendo Engagement Structure Zapper

Recently, Nintendo has declared war on Microsoft and a corporate clash has since been raging. The war has remained minor in scale, with battles mainly being fought in the form of space skirmishes. However, Nintendo did successfully destroy Microsoft's HQ on Mirth with calculated missile strikes. Ninstar has since been plunged into turmoil as Microsoft forces have been enclosing on the planet.

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