Ninstar is the main center of operations for the company Nintendo, and is located within Q-Inc. Territory. The planet has recently been under attack by Microsoft.


The planet was discovered and deemed habitable by Nintendo just before Earth's destruction. Nintendo has since established its HQ on this planet. The planet has become steeped in wealth ever since the Gamecube's debut.

Recently, Nintendo plunged the planet into war with Microsoft. The planet has been in a relative state of turmoil ever since. Frequent raids by Microsoft Employees plague the locals, and the planet is surrounded by Microsoft's navy. Nintendo successfully obliterated Microsoft's head quarters on Mirth, but this only increased the tensions. The future of the planet remains uncertain.


The planet's surface is covered with white crystals that make excellent building materials. Numerous oceans dot the landscape. The planet is well-known for its odd star-shape.


The plants that grow on Ninstar are similar to Earth's plants, but the leaves are an aqua blue.


There is minimal fauna, except for strange birds and Jeremies.

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