Niji is the home planet of the 54th Order of the Rainbow Ninja and was the catalyst of the Ninja Wars. Niji resides peacefully in JKE territory ever since the deal between JKEnterprises and Bedrock Industries. It is the home of lifeforms known as Kawaii.


The most notable thing about Niji is its Geography. It's planetary climate is temperate, and is overall all lush planet. Colossal Red Wood Maple forests cover the face of a large majority of the planet. Most of the time, the planet looks like it is constantly in autumn. But, during the winter time, the trees lose their leaves and snow covers almost the entirety of the planet.


The fauna is relatively similar to what inhabited Earth: rabbits, deer, birds, bears, echidnas, and leopards. However, unique to the planet, are kitsune and nekos. Kitsune wander around the forests in solitude and are very territorial. While Nekos just laze around and do nothing all day. The top predator of the Niji ecosystem is the Karate Bear. These bears are known to result to desperate measures for a simple meal. They have even been reported to have Karate chopped though trees. They have also broken into natives' homes to eat the residence whole and alive. If you see a Karate Bear run, but know you that you probably won't make it out of that situation alive.


The most notable (and dominating) flora is the Colossal Red Wood Maple Trees. They gained their name from Earth explorers who found the tree to resemble Red Woods with gigantic Maple leaves. During the winter, these trees lose their titanic leaves. The falling leaves create a hazard for anything beneath it. The trunks of the trees are strong and sturdy. The natives build their houses in these trees.


The native lifeforms here are called the Kawaii.


Niji's biggest exports are wood, manga, and anime. It's value to other planets and companies is its rich deposits of Kawaiium. It's economic infrastructure is stabilized by anime. The most popular, currently running anime is "The Adventures of Codename: the Sweet Life of Bee Shrek Test in the House, Montanna, and Ferb: Road Chip is Magic II -Revelator- HDTale", so far, it has ran for 21 seasons and is half-way through season 22.

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