New Ukraine is a small planet located in the same system as New Russia. It is under total control of the 2nd Soviet Union, and they use the planet as a sight for the largest weapons manufacturing plant in the entire system. It's once rugged tundra is now covered with factories and warehouses.


New Ukraine was discovered by the Soviet Space Pioneer, Chernushka, on a mission to discover the outlying planets in the Новое Солнце system. The dog's team discovered the planet's surface to be much more habitable than the harsh planet that the 2nd Soviet Union's headquarters were based on. However, New Moscow was already approaching completion, and the 2nd Soviet Union's leaders decided to turn the planet into a military base. The union now uses the entire planet as a military and weapons development facility.


Early explorers noted the planet being rugged and cold, but primarily covered in dry forests. It had spots of large tundras dotting the landscape with frozen lakes and rivers dividing the vast forests. However, this all change when the 2nd Soviet Union colonized it. The Soviets wished to turn the planet into a secluded military base, but their small base quickly turned into a planet-wide weapons factory. The planet's surface now buried underneath miles of metal structures and concrete. The climate of the planet grew slightly warmer due to the factories, and the air quality has been rated as one of the worst in the known universe.


Before human colonization, sort of penguin-like creatures dominated were supposedly early inhabitants. These lifeforms have gone extinct, but several artifacts of cave paintings by these primitive penguin men were discovered during the mining of the planet's crust.


Fauna is similar to New Russia's, with the only difference being that it's all dead.


Native flora possessed properties similar to that seen in the Northern Forests of Earth before its destruction. Lichens, Spruce and Fir-like trees, and mosses were abundant on the planet's surface. Although all naturally growing specimens have been extinct for some time, many intergalactic botanists care for domesticated specimens.

The Planet-wide Base

The planet has been turned into a weapons development and testing facility by the 2nd Soviet Union. Originally, this facility started out as a small bunker with a few spare grenades stored in a janitorial closet. The leaders of the 2nd Soviet Union felt that the small planet was a good location for a top-secret weapons development facility. They appointed Vladimir VII as the facility's superintendent, and began to expand the facility. Eventually, the military base and weapons facility began to merge together, due to their close proximity and large size, and now the combined two cover the entirety of the planet's surface. Miles and miles of secretive weapons labs, warehouses, bunkers,training facilities, barracks, and billiards rooms lay underneath the top layer of factories, assembly lines and starship docks.

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