New Russia is a planet in the Outer Reaches that is primarily a frozen wasteland. It has become the home of the 2nd Soviet Union.


After the Russians evacuated Earth, they searched across the galaxy in search of a new home world. They found a planet that was similar to the frozen tundra of Northern Russia. They decided to conquer the frozen planet and build the capital of the 2nd Soviet Union (New Moscow) there. It has since become a pillar military excellence throughout the known universe. It is often thought of as the most heavily-guarded planet of all time. It has become a revered force and a sought-after ally for this reason.

The planet has become one of the most populated planets in known galaxies as well as an industrial powerhouse. Most of its animal population has died off, and what little is left lays in farms, waiting to be eaten. The only plants have been imported and are stored in government-controlled greenhouses.


New Russia is a rugged planet, that is covered almost entirely in ice. The rugged tundra of the planet's surface makes it impossible for plants to grow without man-made assistance. Frequent blizzards make living conditions difficult there. The planet's frozen valleys are surrounded by treacherous mountain ranges, but this doesn't mean that the valleys are any lest harsh or desolate.


Animals are scarce and carnivorous. Piloswine and Ice Rats are considered the least dangerous creatures on the planet. Most species have extremely long and large amounts of hair, which is better suited for the harsh living conditions.


No plants grow here naturally, hence all native fauna being carnivorous. Plants must be kept in well-isolated green houses in order to stay alive.

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