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New Crimea is a planet in the Новое Солнце System. It was discovered by Chernushka and is currently under the control of the 2nd Soviet Union. The planet is in turmoil due to its large rebel group fighting the 2nd Soviet government.

Discovery Edit

The planet was discovered by the Ex-Space Pioneer, Chernushka, on an expedition to colonize the entirety of Новое Солнце. Chernushka landed on the planet in order to refuel his starship's engines. the crew built the first establishment on the planet: a star ship gas station. The early settlers of the planet were all gas station workers until rich petroleum deposits were discovered beneath the planet's surface. Oil mining and production soon became the primary purpose for the planet's economy and people.

Geography Edit

The planet has similar geography to that of early New Ukraine, with lush forests and extremely cold winters. It is perhaps one of the most habitable planets in the system. The planet is covered with vast, rugged mountain ranges that house rich deposits of crude oil. The planet's large quarries are only dwarfed by the deserts of frozen tundra. Unlike New Ukraine, New Crimea still has large expanses of wilderness.

Flora Edit

The plants that grow are similar to plants found in the northern regions on Earth before Solar War IV. Dense forests consisting of trees that are similar to pine, fir, and evergreen trees cover much of the planet's surface. Much of the underbrush is stunted and modest, in order to survive the cold.

Fauna Edit

Piloswine are the most common animals on this planet, and they still inherit their carnivorous behavior from the New Russian variety. The planet also has a few different varieties of three-horned deer and ice rats. The planet also has a variety of Lobo, known as the Frosted Lobo.

Rebellion Edit

In recent memory, the 2nd Soviet Union enforced several laws that increased the taxes of New Crimean residents. The oil market crashed for a brief period, so the government officials sought revenue from the planet via taxes. Due to New Crimea having a more open boarder than planets in the Новое Солнце system, different political ideas flow in and out of the planet's atmosphere. Many citizens hear of other governments with different structures and relative prosperity, and begin to grow displeased with the 2nd Soviet Union's policies.

A comparably large-sized rebel group known intergalactically as the I.C. Cubes has begun revolting against the 2nd Soviet government. The group is known to attack oil refineries, mining facilities, cargo transports, and government property on the planet. The government has begun fighting back with military force, and those not involved in the insurrection lives in constant fear of suspicion. The average neighborhood was estimated by top scientist, Melvin, to have about 3.98 secret police members on every street. The Rebellion has also left the planet in a war-torn and poverty-stricken state.

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