Mrburningpsycho is an experimental android made by the scientist, Melvin. Melvin was attempting to create the ultimate soldier for JKEnterprises and mrburningpsycho was an early prototype. He was given higher sentience, which caused him to question his purpose for existing. He then ran away from Melvin and has now gone rogue in hopes of avoiding Melvin's warpath.


Mrburningpsycho does not inherently look like a battle android. Being a prototype, Melvin used his resources sparingly on this model. The coloration of his arms is mismatching as a result of Melvin's laziness.


  • Melvin has gone on record saying that he is a big Star Wars fan, which is possibly why mrburningpsycho looks so familiar.
  • Mrburningpsycho was designed with a miniature micro wave oven in the top of his head.
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