Mr. Kiwi has been the number 1 employee of JKEnterprises every month since he was employed.


Mr. Kiwi was born on Earthtwo and grew up in the now lost village of Ragiarre. He excelled in his school and his parents sold everything they had and sent him to college at the JKEnterprises Intergalactic University. At JKEIU, he earned his doctorate in business in under two years. He was then hired to work at the JKEnterprises building on Earthtwo. There he held an executive position and has won Employee of the Month every single month of his employment. He has since then retired and lives a peaceful life in the outer reaches of JKEnterprises Space.


  • Mr. Kiwi wasn't named after the fruit. He was named after the bird.
  • He still earns Employee of the Month every month.
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