Mirth is a remote planet located in the far reaches of space. Prior to its colonization, there had been whispers in greenhouses across the galaxy of a mystical planet with 459,245 different varieties of grass. After its simultaneous discovery by over 50 different corporations including, but not limited to, JKEnterprises, Bedrock Industries, KEPS Co., Microsoft, and the United States Federal Government-in-Exile, however, it was revealed that the rumors were false; there are only 53,346 types of grass on the planet.


Mirth was discovered by 63 different corporations concurrently. No one knows how this came about; some historians suggest that one scout had been hired by all 63 companies and reported the discovery to each separately. On hearing the news of a world with untold amounts of new species of grass, the leaders of these companies set out to claim their prize. Soon after the leaders arrived, however, the planet was invaded by a race of giant sentient burgers looking to gain fame and glory. The conquest of the burgers was cut short when Mirth was Quarantined by the Intergalactical Space Police 5th Special Forces Battalion. This Quarantine is still in effect today, confining everything that was on the planet at the moment of its initialization to the lower portion of the atmosphere.

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