Memous-Alpha is a small planet that is often dragged into conquests due to its richest resource: dank memes. It currently is its own independent Sector with its own government system.


It's terrain varies depending on location, but it is generally a lush planet. It has many mountains with rich soil; perfect growing conditions for dank memes. It has sprawling oceans made of Mtn. Dew and would be rather similar to Earth, but its temperature is always 420 K. The flora, fauna, and natives are all immune to this excessive heat, however.


The surface of Memous-Alpha is crawling with dinosaurs. They are friendly, but do not sing around them. If you start singing a song, they will jump out of the bushes and say a terrifying, "Yee." The birds all sound like air-horns whenever they chirp, so don't plan on getting much sleep.


The only plants that grow are weed and over 9000 varieties of dank memes.


Memeous alpha residents

A Memeous-Alpha Ogre

The most prominent forms of sentient life on this planet are green Ogres. They can be a bit hostile at first, yelling, "what are ya' doin' in mai swamp!?" upon first seeing a stranger. But they will quickly warm up to you if you stick around long enough. The second most populous creatures are bizarre stick figure-like creatures. They can change their facial features to a variety of disturbing expressions. However, there are hostiles located on this planet. Skeletons are very spooky and should be avoided at all cost. All should take caution while on this planet during the night, lest they be spooked.


Memous-Alpha's biggest export is Dank Memes. As mentioned earlier, there are over 9000 varieties of Dank Memes, but the one that is currently the most popular is Durr Plant. Mountain Dew and Weed also make up a large portion of this planet's economy. During its early colonization years, the planet's largest export was a special kind of jet fuel made from 4chanite. However, it was discovered that the jet fuel could not melt steel beams, and this led to an embargo on the planet's jet fuel until the rise of Dank Meme farming.

Qunic War

During the Qunic War, Q Inc. sought to rob JKEnterprises of their precious resource of Dank Memes. A tactical invasion was led on the planet in the Battle of Memous-Alpha. JKEnterprises' Captain Nicolas Cage fought off the invading Q Inc. navy, halting the invasion of the valuable ally planet of JKEnterprises. The battle was a strategic victory that is often credited as being a deciding factor in the outcome of the war.

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