Melvin C. Science was once a scientist that worked for JKEnterprises. He was a renowned scholar and graduate of JKEIU. He won the Official Intergalactic JKEnterprises Science Fair almost every year (there was one year where he lost to a baking soda volcano.) He is credited for inventing multiple inventions that are commonly used every day like toilet paper, fried chicken, and teleportation devices. However, in a lab incident, he was fatally wounded. On his death bed, Melvin uploaded his conscience into a super computer, nothing on this scale has ever been achieved by the scientific community ever since. The secret to doing such a feat is known only to Melvin.


Melvin began working on an unknown project, supposedly, for Q Inc. The project was discovered after a Health and Safety Inspector stumbled across a secret chamber in a Q Inc. factory on Mirth. The inspector notified JKE officials who were able to make a connection to Melvin via intel gathered by spies. Melvin denied the allegations, but the jury found him guilty. His JKEnterpries Membership was stripped away from him, along with all of his science fair ribbons. He then vanished into secrecy, but JKEnterprises officials knew that he was continuing work on this project.

JKE suspected him of working on this secret project as a means of revenge. JKEnterprises SWAT, combined with the ISP, then raided the Q Inc. Factory and shut it down. Upon arriving, Melvin was in the middle of his work on the project, he tried reasoning with the intruders, but the JKEnterprises SWAT Team's motto is "Shoot first, ask questions later." They accidentally shot a defective nuclear stabilizer and blew the project sky-high.

Melvin was fatally injured that day, he was rushed to the nearest hospital ship where he spent his last days tinkering with a project he had spent all of his life working on. He uploaded his consciousness to a super computer that relocated itself back onto Mirth.

Political Career

Melvin held a political influence during his lifetime. After his death, he ran for every available government position on Mirth. His slogan was, "You can trust me guys! :D"

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