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Mavis Beacon is a teacher that currently teaches at the Speakeasy Grammar School on Mirth.

Biography Edit

Mavis Beacon was born on Earthtwo to a poor family. When Mavis Beacon desired to become a teacher and attend classes at JKEIU for her masters in teaching, her parents sold of their vital organs on the black market to send her to school. Mavis, not forsaking her parents' sacrifice, studied rigorously while at JKEIU, graduating from the master's program in one year. Her graduation caused JKEIU to reevaluate their teaching program.

Mavis Beacon became an intergalactic icon of education and academia: being asked to teach at several schools, speak at multiple seminars, and star in several conventions. Her biggest success, however, was the release of her educational typing software. The educational software received universal acclaim, and was even nominated for an Oscar.

As Mavis Beacon's fame was growing, she found herself in the center of several controversies. The first of which involved a game in her typing software. The controversial game had players trying to type words as quickly as possible while a hungry shark chased them. if the player lost the game, the sharks jaws would clench mercilessly down in front of the player's face. Many parental organizations protested the game to be offensive as it "glorified shark attacks." Dr. David Jauce, president of the Intergalactic Shark Attack Prevention Agency, commented on the issue saying: "We fear that this game teaches kid exactly what not to to do in case they were swallowed whole by a shark. There are many different ways to escape a shark's stomach, and the very last thing you should ever consider is giving up." The controversy was ended after Dr. David Jauce was indited on charges of faking a medical license.

The damage was done on Mavis' reputation and will to continue life in the spotlight after the shark controversy. She decided that she wanted to leave an impact on universe by opening a small grammar school for Mirthian orphans. She opened the Speakeasy Grammar School in the Hood District as the epitome of her philanthropic dreams. She has since then, however, been accused of distributing alcohol to minors, and is currently incarcerated.

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