Matt Damon is the wanted founder of the Smiles-for-All civil rights, terrorist organization. He used to be a military captain for JKEnterprises before he went rogue.


Matt Damon was a Military Captain that fought for JKEnterprises during the Qunic Wars. He had many victories under his belt by the time the cease fire was signed. He continued serving JKEnterprises, but this time on a political level. He became a secretary for Kade Prentice (owner of KEPS Co.) and spent most of his days checking paperwork that came by his desk.

One day, Matt saw paperwork for the hiring on of 101 Dalmatian Men for a crew to explore the mysterious, newly-discovered planet, Lobosa. Matt grew suspicious as to why no other race was selected as part of the crew. Later, Matt saw the life insurance forms of the Dalmatian Men, all 101 of them. Matt grew engraged and accused JKE of racism, for intentionally sending a non-human race to a dangerous, uncharted world. He quit his job working for JKEnterprises subsidiary, KEPS Co. and formed a group with his two best friends, Jaden Smith and Kevin Bacon.

Matt Damon continued to expand his revolutionary group; planning a big strike to get the attention of the galaxy. He dubbed the group: Smiles-for-All, and began vandalizing buildings through out the galaxy by spray-painting Jolly Roger Smiley Faces onto their walls. The group's bad behavior just kept escalating, until, one day, they blew up a Rest Stop Convenience Store on Mirth. JKEnterprises labelled this as an act of terrorism and began to chase down Smiles-for-All members and arrest them as Intergalactic Terrorists. Jaden Smith was captured, but Matt Damon and Kevin Bacon took their remaining followers and fled the JKEnterprises Militarized Protectorate. They are suspected to have retreated to somewhere in Deserted Space. Matt and his crew have since then been operating in the shadows.

Recently a new individual has surfaced who seems to be in cahoots with Smiles-for-All. A allegedly named Jason Bourne has been seen spray-painting the Smiley Jolly Roger in multiple areas on several planets. It is suspected that Matt Damon illegally changed his name to Jason Bourne; adding to his long list of crimes.

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