Mars is the 3rd planet from the Solar System's sun. Earth was its closest neighbor until it was blown up. Mars is now the headquarters for the Intergalactical Space Police. It lies on the edge of Deserted Space.


It is unknown when Mars was first discovered. It has been a close companion with Earth and was a key tactical position throughout the Solar Wars. The Battle of Mars was happening when Earth was destroyed, this spared the lives of the ISP. They eventually won the battle and claimed the planet in the name of the United States Government. The ISP wondered in Deserted Space for 40 years before eventually finding their way back to the planet and setting up their base of operations.


Mars' surface is mainly made of Iron, which gives it its unsettling shade of red. The planet is subject to extremely cold temperatures that makes it uninhabitable by anyone not wearing the proper protective gear. Ice lakes and snowy mountain peaks give the planet a refreshing break from all of the red rocks.

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