Lobos are very dangerous creatures that are indigenous to the galaxy. They can be found on multiple planets including Mirth, Newita, Lobosa, Kay'ak, and many more.


Lobos can range from many sizes, colors, and even shapes. There are a recorded 50 different kinds of Lobos. 34 are considered Land Lobos, 6 are considered Aquatic Lobos, and 10 are considered Space Lobos. Lobos are the dominant species of every ecosystem and their diet consists of almost everything.

It is debated by top scientists as to whether lobos have higher forms of sentience or not. They have been responsible for unusually calculated attacks at extremely convenient times. Many wonder if Lobos have a secret communication system and society.


The first land Lobo was discovered on the planet Newita by Q Inc.'s CEO Quin. He and his discovery team managed to kill it after eating 10 men and injuring more. Nicolas Cage discovered the first Blimp Lobo as he was exploring the outer reaches, the Blimp Lobo almost ate his ship but Cage managed to kill it. Aquatic Lobos have been in Kay'ak folklore and culture since the dawn of time.

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