Larry Leichliter is an ex-space explorer gone cartoonist. He also was known as one of the top dogs of organized crime in the galaxy. He has been responsible for numerous trespassings, space-littering sprees, and assaults on homeless people. However, he went straight after an incident which led to the accidental discovery of Lobosa. He was being chased by the JKEnterprises Navy when he was cornered onto the planet where he almost died and surrendered to the authorities. He was sentenced to 20 years of community service on charges of resisting arrest and space littering.

While active in community services, he had a mid-life crisis. He decided to become a cartoonist so he may entertain the masses. He is known for some of the most profound modern cartoons that still run to this day.

Following recent allegations of subliminal messaging in his cartoon My Minuscule Equine: Amiability is Wizardry by concerned parents, he has been re-incarcerated in the Intercorporational Planetary Prison on twelve charges of obscenity.


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