General Edit

Lag is a Bedrock Golem that is currently employed by steveninja54 as one of his personal guards. Lag is known to be extremely slow and has almost been fired multiple times.

Biography Edit

Lag was born on Mirth, as part of the second generation of Bedrock Golems that were brought over by employment opportunities from Bedrock Industries. He grew up in the Hood District and had a history of gang violence, and eventually ended up in Prison. Whilst incarcerated, he watched a televised motivational seminar that turned his life around, and he was able to be released from prison because of good behavior.

Once free of his life of crime, he interviewed for a CEO position at Bedrock Ind., but he lost the job to a baking soda volcano. Still determined to earn a legitimate living, he interviewed again, this time hoping to be a janitor. But steveninja54 took notice of the determination and fighting spirit of Lag, and decided to hire him as a security agent. Since then Lag has struggled to hold his job, due to rising suspicions of his criminal record as well as his poor performance. The only reasons that he is still kept around by steveninja54 is because of under-staffing issues.

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