General[edit | edit source]

Keps is the founder and CEO of KEPS Co., the largest subsidiary of JKEnterprises. He is also a high-ranking government official.

Description[edit | edit source]

Keps is a male human with brown eyes and light-brown hair. He is rarely ever seen, especially without his trusty ten-gallon hat.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Keps grew up on Earthtwo as a poor farmboy. After his father died, Keps inherited the farm, and began investing in stocks and expanding the farm. Soon enough, his family farm become the, now famous, KEPS Co., and it was the number one food producer on Earthtwo (up to its destruction).

He partnered to found JKEnterprises, but the two business heads split ways after a dispute over who was better at solitaire. The two would ignore each others' existence until a later time.

Once the Qunic Wars broke out, Keps took advantage of the wars from a business standpoint. He struck a deal JKEnterprises to supply most of the food for the soldiers in exchange for an unlimited supply of farming equipment. The two companies' bonds only grew stronger throughout the years, and, eventually, Keps decided to make his company a subsidiary of JKEnterprises. He has since then made a large investment into the television broadcasting industry, creating KEPS TV.

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