Jaden Smith is one of the three founders of Smiles-for-All. He is currently detained by JKEnterprises in the Intercorporational Planetary Prison.


Jaden was a friend of Matt Damon back on Earthtwo, and shared a lot of the same sentiments towards political issues as he. When Damon accused JKEnterprises of racism and resigned his position in order to form the Smiles-for-All nonprofit, Jaden actively sought out Damon to side with his rogue buddy. Jaden assisted Matt in founding the Smiles-for-All by posting a bunch of social media posts on multiple websites. He then gathered many followers domestically via digital means.

He was responsible for many attacks, protests, and demonstrations throughout his career with Smiles-for-All. However, his hideout was discovered after the organization destroyed a rest stop on Mirth. His escape vehicle was tracked all the way to Lambardia, where he was later arrested in his home.


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