The Official JKEnterprises Library was a library that was located in the Mushroom District of Base Camp Delta on the planet of Mirth. Since its founding, it was bought out by the Neo-Mafia and renamed the Lie Berry. Happy Hour is now every Tuesday, but every other day minors are still allowed to come in and check out intergalactic classic literature.
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The Library was of the first buildings to be established in Base Camp Delta. It got its start as a buisness by selling works made by local authors. However, everyone published their fanfictions and, consequently, everyone hit a writer's block. Buisness slowed down and the Library faced demolition. In a shady deal, the owner sold the Library to the Neo-Mafia of Mirth. No one knows truly what happened, but a few years ago, there was a leak on 4chan that stated that the owner of Library formed a blood pact with the Neo-Mafia's leader. Many wonder to this day where the original owner is and if he has joined to Neo-Mafia. JKEnterprises PDDD is still investigating the whereabouts of the owner.

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