JKEnterprises is one of the largest corporations in the galaxy. It holds the most planets of the three major competing companies (the others being Q Inc. and N Inc). This means it also has the largest military and navy. The JKEnterprises navy is mainly made up of Lambardian ships.


The founding of JKEnterprises is the most heavily guarded secret in the known universe and has been shrouded in mystery for decades. Even speculation about the origin and significance of the initial two letters can lead to heavy fines and imprisonment. At an unknown point in time, JKEnterprises gained jurisdiction over most of known space.


JKEnterprises maintains a number of accessible locations across dozens of planets for a convenient shopping experience. In addition, an Aunt Joleen's Bingo Club is open on every ship in the Ja'Kladian navy.

One of the most recognizable symbols in human history, the JKEnterprises logo has been developed for years in secret laboratories and workshops. The true depths of meaning contained within its lines are only beginning to be realized by researchers.

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