The Intergalactical Space Police Headquarters (formerly known as Pluto) is the primary base of operations for the Intergalactical Space Police. Many are suspicious as to why the ISP did not move closer to colonized sectors.


Before the Intergalactical Space Police petitioned for their new headquarters to be considered a planet, the dwarf planet, Pluto, was voted out of the official planets of the Solar System by the scientific community. The controversy of this dwarf planet's inclusion as a full-fledged planet was considered to be one of the many factors of the first Solar War.

After Solar War IV, the Intergalactical Space Police decided to retreat to Pluto and rename the planet as their headquarters. Pluto has hence been known as the Intergalactical Space Police Headquarters ever since, and has been the base of ISP operations


The planet's surface is covered in rock and ice. It is a very inhabitable terrain without technological intervention. The planet's only colony is the ISP headquarters, whose inhabitants have littered the planet with old 'POLICE LINE' tape. It is known as the coldest planet in Sol.

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