Description Edit

Igneon was a planet that was destroyed by Bedrock Industries excessively mining its surface. It is now an abandoned asteroid cluster.

Discovery Edit

The planet was discovered along with the entire Geoex system by Moses D. Wakefield. The company found that no living thing could inhabit the planet's volcanic surface naturally and began to build mining facilities to reach the rare minerals in the planet's core. As a result, the core was mined away and the planet imploded on itself, killing all of the workers on the planet and causing quadrillions of JKEnterprises Coupons in property damage for Bedrock Industries.

Geography Edit

The planet's surface was once teeming with highly-active super volcanoes. Magma plumes ate through the surface of the planet, creating lakes and even oceans of lava. The planet's atmosphere was so heavily concentrated with sulfur that no breathing thing could survive without technological assistance. The planet had an extremely hot surface that made the ground seem soft, hence the planet being sometimes referred to as 'the magma swamp.'

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