Guau is a small planet in the Lobosa System, it is scarcely populated and is primarily a mining outpost. There are no traces of life beyond small plants.


Guau was originally discovered by Brazilian explorers who exclaimed 'Guau!' when they made first contact with the planet; hence the name: Guau. Crust samples of the planet's surface yielded traces of rich deposits of Ranite, and JKEnterprises quickly capitalized on this discovery. Several mining outposts were positioned on the desolate planet. These mining colonies make up the entirety of civilization on the planet.


The planet's surface is extremely rugged. It's arid climate stunts the growth of most plant life. The planet has a few hot springs, but, other than that, there are little to no traces of water.


The plants that grow here are short, stunted and dry. The most famous native species is the Guau-ish Tumbleweed, which is used in making highly-effective cough medicine.

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