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GameStart is a technology distribution company that specializes in videogaming. Its current CEO is Denise F. Warren, who co-founded the company after a dispute with Eletronic Arts. She cryogenically preserved herself and woke up the planet Mirth, where she helped build the first GameStart location. GameStart is now the largest videogame distributing company on the planet Mirth; many speculate that this is because it is the only videogame distributor on the planet.

History Edit

GameStart was founded on Mirth by Denise F. Warren and Gabe Newell. The first shop was opened in the Castle District of Base Camp Delta, Mirth. The store's grand opening was almost postponed due to a radiation storm, but, despite having high concentrations of radium in the air, the store opened to have its shelves emptied in only a matter of minutes. The store eventually grew, and so did the stock. The two owners of the company split after a dispute whether or not to buy a bigger location. Gabe Newell then vanished into the far reaches of the galaxy, while Denise stayed to keep the company afloat.

However, Gabe stole many assets of the company upon his resignation. Many videoame development companies began to distrust the integrity of GameStart. They began to ban the selling of their products at the store, but Nintendo took pity upon the small company. Nintendo bought out the company, and began building new locations on Lambardia, Newita, Dalmatia, and Ninstar. GameStart has since had their stocks overflowing with Gamecubes.

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