Admiral Fred Flintstone was a high ranking Space Pioneer that worked for JKEnterprises. His work has been mainly overshadowed by other space pioneers as his primary assignment was to geographically charting planets that were uncovered by other Space Pioneers. He disappeared on a mission to Lobosa and has never been found since; he is now legally presumed dead.


Fred was born to a poor family on Earthtwo. His family did not have enough money to send him to school, but Fred saved up by working at Jack-in-the-Box, Kansas Fried Chicken, and JKEnterprises. JKEnterprises then granted Fred a scholarship to JKEIU; where he then studied to become a lawyer. After becoming bored with the idea, Fred switched majors to become a Space Pioneer. He passed the coarse with flying colors and graduated magma cum laude with a Masters in Space Pioneering.

Fred's Space Pioneering career is fairly weaker than most other famous Space Pioneers. Fred's job was primarily to follow other Space Pioneers and fully chart and study newly discovered planets. Fred Flintstone was referenced by Nicolas Cage in his autobiography:

"He's an experienced explorer that deserves a more prestigious job. Not to diminish those who do the most important and dangerous part of Space Pioneering, but I think he's jealous of me and my position. Whenever I walk by him at base he always tells me 'I will rule you' and then he gives me the old stink-eye. Sometimes the most important jobs get the least recognition, and I hope he comes to realize that."
Fred Flintstone finally claimed his name to fame when he was assigned to explore the dangerous planet of Lobosa. Fred gathered 101 Dalmatian Men for a crew and left for the planet in his Space Excavator: the S.S.T. Rex. After being on the planets surface for only a few minutes, their communications were disconnected and the entire crew and the S.S.T. Rex was lost, along with Fred himself. It is presumed that he and the crew were consumed by lobos, but no one has ever found even a trace of any remains of the S.S.T. Rex. This last, and tragic mission is known as The Lost Crew of the S.S.T. Rex.

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