General[edit | edit source]

Enperry is a weapon and clothes manufacturing company that specializes in beach wear and dualie pistols. The company was founded by Sqid billionaire, Tsubasa Sakawoomy.

History[edit | edit source]

The company's founder, Tsubasa Sakawoomy, was born on Illex, homeworld of the Sqids. He inherited a malt shop from his father who died during a sacred Theuthist ritual. After deciding that the shop's malts were not selling as much as the beach-side stall's t-shirts, he closed the store and opened the first Enperry store and fashion line. The rebranding was a smash-hit, and Sakawoomy decided to make his company public. The day he did this, the Illixian stock market rose to its most unprecedented height since, and it brought the planet out of an extensive and depressing depression.

With growth came political power and privilege in the eyes of the Teuthist theocracy, who blessed the company and its founder. This blessing allowed Sakawoomy to export Enperry products throughout the galaxy, furthering the growth in both company and its native economy. Enperry became the public face of swim and beachwear throughout the galaxy.

Success was creating more demand for newer products, and Sakawoomy started experimenting with his clothing designs. Many of which started gaining the attention of Teuthist leaders on his home planet. They stripped Sakawoomy of his blessing and excommunicated him from the planet for making water shoes that showed too much heel. Sakawoomy, now at a huge financial loss from the corporate move, decided to cast his hat into the weapons development industry in hopes that he could make back some of the company's losses. He developed the Enperry Splat Dualies, Curling Bombs, and the Ink Jet as his first line of weapons. The weapons, despite being illegal on Illexian markets, made a decent impact on foreign impacts and on the company's debts.

Although the company still remains largely in debt, its products are a favorite amongst Illexian black market shoppers. To this day, Sakawoomy continues to plead with the Illexian government to make his products legal again while he secretly funnels money to rebel groups on Illex.

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