Description Edit

Destroy! Build! Destroy! is an animated children's television show created by the semi-legendary Larry Leichliter for the planetary dictator Sheen. It comically depicts the effects of Dictator Sheen's whims on the everyday lives of his citizens.

History Edit

The show's pilot was created by Zeenuian animators under the careful watch of Sheen in a process taking nearly 15 years. Every frame was personally inspected by the dictator to ensure its quality. Once the 5 minute short was completed, Sheen made a rare voyage off-planet to present it to Leichliter in person. Leichliter was initially hesitant to begin production on the program, but changed his mind for an unknown reason some time later. Originally, the show was broadcast into fringes of JKEnterprises space, but the Parents for Animation Accountability Association signed dozens of petitions until one somehow made it through the mail incinerator installed at the JKEnterprises Post Office.

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