Dennismoor is a swamp planet that is located on the very edge of the JKEnterprises Protectorate. It is barely inhabited due to its treacherous swamps. Its capital city is Premium.


The planet was first discovered by Robin Gibb, who was almost was killed by local fauna. He quit his job in space pioneering as a result of this incident. After that, Nicolas Cage teamed up with Buzz Aldrin to explore the planet's surface. They discovered a village of GEICKOs. The GEICKOs sent a representative home with the Space Pioneers to negotiate peaceful relations with JKEnterprises.

However, during the Qunic Wars, The planet was conquered by Q Inc. The planet was valiantly reclaimed at the start of the war by JKEnterprises; freeing the GEICKO race from Q Inc.'s enslavement.The native peoples have since integrated into society as insurance merchants throughout the galaxy.


The air is humid, and the ground is soft. The entire planet is either swamp or sea. It thick marshes are combined with dense forests, which make its surface very friendly to a variety of exotic and dangerous fauna. Mud pools and quick sand pits make traveling by foot on the planet obsolete.


Giant Mangroves, willows, and cypresses cover a large portion of the planet. However, the planet is known for its abundance of lupins. There are lupins every where and they even grow in the trees. Dennismoorain trees are actually characterized by their production of lupins.



A swamp-lobo trekking through the swamps of Dennismoor.


A Dennismoorain Chamelion

Many swamp creatures, sprites, reptiles, and lobos lurk on the surface of the planet. The planet's lush eco system is dominated by the Swamp-Lobo and the Jet Lobo. The planet is famous for its Dennismoorain Chamelion, Chamelions are the biggest competition for the local lobos, as well as the biggest threat to anything that is primarily made up of meat. Chamelions have an ability to blend in with the environment; this versatile ability allows them to ambush prey or escape from tough situations. It is advised by many that one should not travel to the planet's wild swamp-lands alone, for fear of the local wildlife.


The local people are sentient geckos known as GEICKOs. They have become known throughout the galaxy as excellent insurances salespeople. They are miniature in size and live in small tree villages on their home planet. They talk in accents that closely resemble Australian accents.

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