General Edit

The Def Rebells is a society of underground music groups, lead by delinquents, that are at war with the Intergalactic DJ Syndicate. The genre groups that form the Def Rebells are Pirate Metal, Vaporwave, Chap Hop, Nintendocore, Danger Music, Outlaw Country, and Industrial. The groups founder is untraceable, but the group as a whole seems to have originated from a JKEnterprises forum.

History Edit

The Def Rebells was founded after the IDJS was formed in order to protest the regulation of music. The group decided to cyberattack the IDJS by leaking the syndicate's music for free and overloading their servers with 'We Are Number One' WebM's. All musical groups involved in the Def Rebells have had music sanctions placed on them by the IDJS.

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