Dalmatia is a planet located in JKEnterprises Space that is the home planet of the Dalmatian Men. The atmosphere of the planet is very thin, causing water to reflect the blackness of space.


The planet is lush with pink leaved trees dotting the sprawling hills of the skyline.


The final confrontation between King Bark Woof Ba-Bark and Woof Woof Bow-Wow


Plants that grow here a Dalmatian Magnolia Trees as well as a variety of black and white spotted plants.


Dalmatian Dogs are indigenous and a favorite house pet. Every other animal is pure white and covered in black spots.


The local sentient life is specially known as the Dalmatian Men. The Dalmatian people are very amiable towards humans and hold goodwill towards all living creatures. They have an average IQ almost identical humans. They live in large, beautiful metropolises built on the side of hills.


Dalmatia was first discovered by the Space Pioneer, Robin Gibb. He discovered the planet after strange transmissions were received from the planet's coordinates. The message was requesting friendship with the newly misplaced human race. Dalmatia swiftly allied itself with JKEnterprises and was quickly integrated into their government system as a major planet. Dalmatia has since then become a measure center of knowledge, technology, and overall peace.

Dalmatian history goes back farther before its discovery, and the planet has a had prolonged period of peace known to the locals as the 5,000 Years Peace. It was once at war against invading Terrier Men which led to the establishment of a dictatorship. King Bark Woof Ba-Bark ruled the land with an iron paw until an insurgence by the people (led by general Woof Woof Bow-Wow) overthrew his tyrannical reign. A proper democracy has been established since then.

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