Traditional bedrock home

Traditional Bedrock Golem home

Description Edit

Corramine 2 is a planet located in the Geoex System that houses the corporate headquarters of Bedrock Industries.

Discovery Edit

The planet was discovered by Moses D. Wakefield in an attempt to find a planet where he could build a powerful, thriving corporate empire. He made a deal with the planet's inhabitants to launch them into a new era of technology and sophistication if they worked for him. The company assimilated the Bedrock Golems into human culture and society, and became the main source of economic income for the planet. The first Bedrock Golem to be the head CEO of Bedrock Industries was Ben Rock I.

Geography Edit

The planet has a rocky terrain with steep cliffs and rugged valleys. Vast quarries dot the landscape and cliff-side homes provide dwelling places for residents. The climate is generally dry, but heavy rainstorms and flash floods happen during the planet's rainy season.

Fauna Edit

Animals that live here seem to be made of bedrock, akin to the Bedrock Golems. Rock hounds, rock snakes, and rock lizards are common house pets. Several species of Lobos have been known to wander the planet's surface and atmosphere, but they tend to leave civilization alone.

Locals Edit

The local sentient lifeforms on the planet are Bedrock Golems. They once lived in castle-like complexes carved into the sides of cliffs, but the introduction to human culture has coaxed the Bedrock Golems to live in more traditional housing. The golems originally lived a tribal lifestyle, but Bedrock Golems have since become extremely formal and refined in nature. They have shown a passion for the arts, economics, fine cuisine, tea, and crumpets.

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