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Cairo was the founding leader of the Cactus Club and an adamant environmental activist. He was found murdered in the Cactus Club headquarters on his home planet.

Biography Edit

Cairo was born on Earthtwo to a misplaced Egyptian family from Earth. According to his parents, he started caring for his first cactus at around two years of age. He then began to play the cactus at about age of three, and, when he was eleven, starred in his own cactus concert. After finding out that the habitats for cactus were shrinking due to human development, he founded the Cactus Club. He hoped to provide a safe community for all cactus lovers, as well as a political force to promote environmental activism.

Cairo was eventually found himself in controversy after being linked to a weapons-dealing scandal between the Cactus Club and the Smiles-for-All. He was taken to the High JKEnterprises Court where he was ruled as being innocent, much to the dismay of the general public. Cairo was found murdered in his resort head quarters on Earthtwo three days after the trial. His cause of death was from an untraceable poison. Officials believed that the death was likely the work of organized-crime, but they were never sure. Clambering for suspects, they arrested a nearby Suspicious Man by mistake, but they found him innocent and released him. The killer is still at large.

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