Ben Rock II was the CEO of Bedrock Industries for a short period of time. He was killed by Daveninja1 in the

final battle of the Ninja Wars aboard his own starship. He was regarded by many of his peers as being corrupt and manipulative.


Ben Rock II was the son of Ben Rock I. He grew up with a rich, spoiled lifestyle. He was named the heir of Bedrock Industries at birth by his father, the CEO of the company at the time. He was noted by parents to love riding his rocking horse as an infant, and also slept in a baby blanket made of JKEnterprises Coupons. He graduated JKEIU at age 7, despite never turning in his homework or being the eligible age of enrollment, historians suspect this to be the handiwork of bribery by Bedrock Industries.

Ben Rock II inherited his father's, Ben Rock I's, company after his mysterious death. Ben Rock II decided to blame this death on the 54th Order of the Rainbow Ninja, a group hired by Bedrock Industries to commit acts of corporate espionage, and made a deal with Q Inc. to fund an invasion of the ninjas' home world. These two actions, among not giving the ninjas a paid sick leave, were the catalysts for the Ninja Wars. Ben Rock II Launched the company into a sort of civil war, and, in the end, Ben Rock II died as a result of it.


Ben Rock II was on his mother ship, the H.M.S. Moses, en route to the planet Niji to invade the birth place of the 54th Order of the Rainbow Ninja. He hoped that this invasion would end the war he created and produce strong ties with Q Inc., but he was ambushed by the remaining seven members of the Rainbow Ninjas who stowed away on his ship. The ninjas bravely fought off the garrison on-board the massive star ship, and made their way to the bridge. With only three remaining ninjas, and one Bedrock Industries CEO, Ben Rock II some how managed to strike done one of the ninja invaders. But the leader, Daveninja1, sacrificed himself by pushing Ben out of one of the bridge's windows. Ben Rock II suffocated in space along with Daveninja1, leaving steveninja54 to inherit the company.

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