The Bedrock Industries System Stabilizer is a synthetic planet and space station created by Bedrock Industries in order to stabilize the Geoex System's gravitational pull.


The planet was built after Bedrock Industries destroyed the planet Igneon, which threw the Geoex System's rotation for a spin. Bedrock Industries had to quickly provide a substitute for the system while they developed a solution to the problem that they had created. They designed a planet made of metal that would also serve as a trading outpost for the system.

The project, known at the time as: "Project Build'a'BetterBear," came out to a final cost of 145,789,321,890,000.99 JKEnterprises Coupons. The company lost much of their money and respect from the community, and their base is now decorated with graffiti left by protesters, thugs, and the Smiles-for-All. The planet's actual purpose is not to be a public mural, however, and the planet contains many shopping centers apartments, and docking bays. The massive space station was designed to be a "new hub" for the rugged Geoex System.

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